About me 🦉

An ugly picture of me in patagonia

Hello! I am Andrea, PhD candidate in Quantitative Economics at the CENDEF group, University of Amsterdam. Here is my CV.


I work on economics of networks and environmental economics. Particularly differential games and production networks. I am currently working on a few papers. Check my research page for more details.

On the side

I love math and computers. I like playing around with Prolog and Clojure. I also do some recreational math. I love games of no chance, mainly chess and domineering. I also like hot water bottles and economic history, especially history of central banking (checkout this very good paper).

Reading now:

  • Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
  • The Story of Work by Jan Lucassen
  • On Numbers and Games by John Conway
  • The grasshopper by Bernard Suits

Follow me…

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  • …on for some Julia, Python, Clojure, and occasional Prolog.